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Identify Mods

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Does anyone know what mods are on this car?

I believe it has the Hella Twin Supertone Horns but I'm not sure about the other mods. I'd really like to do something like this to my car but in red. I have a SPW 2012 STI, I'm not sure what year this is but it looks similar.

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Same body generation, I have no idea what mods are on that car besides it is too low to be usefuk

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Forget the car. I will take 1 of the girl please.
The horns look like Hellas
The hood looks like a painted seibon carbon fiber CW-style.
Yea I was thinking it was that hood as well, didn't realize you could paint carbon fiber.

How about the front fender?

Also I found out it's the Happy Endings Show Car:
No idea but its obnoxious.

There are several aftermarket hoods that look similar to that. I found a few while browsing parts for my car a while ago. You can probably find several dozen bodykits that look the same. China pumps them out like crazy.

Do you have a particular goal for your car? The one you pictured isn't going to be worth much for anything besides sitting on a very flat surface and being stationary.
I just want a nice exterior look. I just recently put a cobb stage 1 on and I've just been seeing a lot of cool exterior changes that I was looking into. I was thinking some type of red accents on the satin white pearl would look nice. I have no idea what I want though, so mainly just looking for examples.
Too each their own. I have always been more of a clean/stock look. I put a front lip on, tinted my windows, debadged my trunk, and put the black side ornaments on. That's about if for my exterior I think. Besides wheels and lower it a tad.

Do what makes you happy honestly. Make it different and make it stand out. Just don't butcher it in the process.
Wait a minute . . .

There's a car in this photograph? :)
So I think I finally found it. It's the Varis wide body kit. There seems to be several versions but here's a full kit I found: VARIS Wide Body Kit, Full Kit C

Pretty steep price, but it's so sexy...
Girl has stage 2 bolt ons

Car is owned by someone who has no idea what suspension geometry is and fitted the car with a Varis widebody kit for instagram fame.

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The car looks hemorrhoid-inducing and the girl is stage 0. The car has curves. The horns look cool and so do the lights I guess...?...
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