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As many know, I am a service manager for Acura.
A lot of employees have modded cars. We have

Our parts manager:03 Mustang Cobra 11 sec car
Our new car Sale Manager 95 RX-7 w/ 10,000 miles
Our General Manager 01 Porshe 911 Turbo
One porter has a 91 240 sx w/SR20 swap all the good stuff.
One Tech has built block turbo'd GSR
One more porter has JDM everything GSR (front end,seats etc..)

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Most of the guys I work with are car nuts too. They are all in to American muscle though.

1970 Cougar conv. 351 4sp -Partner
1968 Corvette conv. 427 4sp -Other partner
1968 Gto Conv. 400 At -Employee
1970 Nova 350 At -Same partner with Vette
1968 Firebird 350 At -Employee
1932 Ford Phaeton conv. replica -Same partner with vette and Nova
Just sold 1971 El Camino 402 At ^^ He always has quite the collection

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Yeah, most of the people I work with are cars nuts too,

1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager
2001 Jetta
1997 Civic
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2002 BMW Z3
1992 Volvo 240
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse

All the cars are stock. Its so sweet!!!!!!!!! :( :eek:

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where i work we had a bunch of nice cars ...but everyone quit :(
except me

our parking lot used to be a car show..especially on sundays when everyone worked

95 bmw m3 red (chipped exhaust)
95 bmw m3 blk (chipped intake exhaust)
00 or 01 audi s4 rd (stock but hey its a s4)
93 mazda rx7 rd (twin turbo of course)
95 toyota supra rd (twin turbo w/downpipe
95 toyota supra blk (twin turbo ..BPU)
?? Acuta ITR wht(12 second car..built engine..not sure what else he did)
03 Nissan 350z Rd (and the z had just come out so it was cool)
03 Subaru WRx WRB (my car of course)

that's all guy also had a chevy camaro z28 slv...he ran 13.2 at 4000 ft of elevation (basically 12 sec car)

another guy had a trans am..not sure about specs on that either

oldest of everyone right now is 25 ..and that's the camaro owner...the oldest from the rest of us is 22

but than everyone quit..only cars from that list left is my rex and friends camaro

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Must be nice.

My work:

96 Pontiac Grand Am
90 Honda Accord
various pickups

2004 WRX, heh heh. Unfortunately I have the nicest car.

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Yeah, there are a lot of engineers and software development ppl at my work....but I guess they don't spend their $$ on cars.

Mostly pickups, mini-vans, and some older SUVs. There's one other guy here w/ an '03 Civic Si w/ a nice Karminari kit and bolt-ons car.

One girl's husband drives an '04 silver STI....but I only see that when I happen to be in the parking lot while he's picking her up (sigh).

Pret-ty boring selection :(

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At my work there is:

02 WRX (guess who)
early ninties NSX
92 300ZX TT
03 Lightning
Lincoln LS (supercharged)
53 Pontiac Chieftan (chopped on airbags)
Cherokee w/ 5" lift
Tacoma w/10 lift

and a couple more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

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My work lot consists of 25-30 crown vics (on any given day at any hour).

03 lighting
second gen turbo supra
04 Mach 1
3-5 gt mustangs
and of course the average collections of lexus and suvs's.
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