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I am looking for a wrx, I dont care about the year so much as the condition of the car. Has to be manual. Hit me up with what you got. Here's my number 503-936-1316.

Here is what I have,
Everything has been installed on the engine by Race Dezign in Beaverton. So was the suspension.
-SR20DET blacktop
-GT30R Garrett turbo
-Skyline LSD
-Apexi Turbo Timer
-Standard FMIC (very big w/2.5inch piping)
-Electric Fan
-Apexi Power FC D Jetro W/Power Commander (best stand alone ECU on the market for 240's)(power commander lets you tune your car on the fly with a digital readout of anything you could want)
-Tanabe Concept G Blue Exhaust
-Tanabe up pipe and down pipe
-Excess Power Turbo elbow (or whatever it's called)
-Tein Super Drift Coilovers

The engine is absolutely finished and runs great.

The interior however is as of now still being worked on. I gutted it and have put nothing back in yet. Everything I have for the interior is in primo cond.
I bought a new interior,
-New Pre-molded carpet and trunk mat (black)
-New Dash (black)
-Center consule (black)
-New Floor mats (with custom 240sx stitched in blue)
-Digital Climate Control w/all sensors
-All interior plastics

Dont worry when I took everything apart i also labeled all screws ect. and separated them into little ziplock bags. Very easy to tell what goes where. Interior will be a breeze to have put together, it was necessary to take it apart in order to change carpet out and put in new dash. Will look damn sharp once it's finished.

I have this for the exterior,
-S15 conversion
-Front bumper
-M sport frnt fenders
-Silvia headlights
-Seibon Carbon Fiber hood
-Chargespeed Rear widebody fenders
-Seibon Carbon fiber Hatch
-Type X Taillights (has type X center piece)

I know it may seem like alot but really all that is needed to finish the car is one week at an upholstry shop. I have a very good one I can refer you to. Two weeks at an auto body shop to mount and paint body kit. I have one I can refer you to there as well. He has done alot of these types of conversions and is an excellent sprayer who would hook you up because you know me. Before engine was put in I had the engine bay painted sonic blue off the Mazda production line. Along with the door jams and trunk jams. Car is ready to be finished, all the waiting for over seas parts and swap install was done by me, so you dont have to wait for anything you can just finish it. What I have done so far equals out to about 6 months of waiting.
As for a reason for selling, I am in college and am a full time student with a full time job and my time has completely diminished. If I could keep it and finish it I would, but now I just want my first car back (which was a WRX).
Now you know everything, I hope I did not scare you off.
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