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I need Quick Advice about Snow chains for my WRX!! Help!

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Im going to Colorado this weekend, the Winter Park area to be exact. There has been avalanche issues this past week and snow is pouring. I was just informed that I might need to get snow chains/cables. Since I only have a day or two, I need to get some snow cable recommendations asap. Help!! I was looking at some on Amazon, but they all say they dont fit my tire. I have 245/40R-18 tires.
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Subaru specifies tire chains are not to be used on your vehicle. Ignoring this suggestion will almost certainly result in damage to your AWD system and warranty denial

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I agree. I have never used chains on any of my vehicles. Real snow tires make a HUGE difference though. I'd be afraid of putting chains on my WRX.
I've used chains on a Jeep before. They will propel you forward awesomely in super deep snow. If the snow isn't feet deep and you start getting to pavement they tend to slide around. Buy snow tires and stud them.

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Thanks everyone! I currently have snow tires on my car, someone just mentioned that I needed cables as well.
Snow tires should be plenty on your car. Last winter, I drove home in an 18" snowstorm in my STi I passed 3 other vehicles on I68 my entire ride home....

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I came across this, just FYI. No experience.

Personally if you would need chains to get traction with a WRX I think you're in the wrong vehicle (low ground clearance) in conditions you shouldn't be driving in.
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