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I have to wake up...30 mins earlyer before i can warm her up. Even after that...i get mild clutch shudder all the way to the school parking lot. No matter how easy i try to 1-2 shift is jerky. My car has a Creaking noise coming from the suspension somewhere...especially when the tempatures are a bit chilly. wth...i thought this was a 25k car?

* rant off *

The Ride to OH MAN..does the ride Back home RULE. Everything is perfect...its like a brand new car again. the shifts are smooth...i get no clutch shudder. ( I can actually get off the line at 1.3k rpms :):) The WRX is hands down...the funnest car i have ever driven in my entire life.

With that said....this is for all those Prospective WRX daily driver buyers out there....

You will Hate loving it. knowwhatimean?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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