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I experienced nirvana today

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For the first time in two years, I had the "perfect" shift in my WRX.
It was a downshift, going downhill. It was smoother than a CVT. With the touchy jumpy stock setup it is so hard to get smooth shifts with this car. But this one was perfect.

(I don't get out much so these little things thrill me......:)
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I kinda want to "sponsor" a LWFW for rqjoe just to mess with him even more in his hunt for good shifting...
2 years for shifting perfection? How long have you been at it?

I've had so many great shifts over the past 30+ years I lost track long ago.

I have also had many borked shifts in the same time period that nearly cancel out the great ones ... some are quite recent. :redface:
Sasquatch said:
I have also had many borked shifts in the same time period that nearly cancel out the great ones ... some are quite recent. :redface:
You should see me shift the Subaru, when I actually drive it...big difference in clutch feel between that and the Tacoma, and the Subaru doesn't have a rev hang like the Tacoma does.
You shiftless son of a *****!
Yeah guys, it was sort of a joke, but I did indeed have the perfect shift first time in the WRX. I mean I have "good" shifts all the time but I can always feel the car move ever so slightly which is normal. It was just this time it felt like I didn't even shift at all; was in 6 then all of a sudden was in 5. Of course I felt myself shift it but the car just seemed to roll so seemlessly. In a the wife's CVT forester I feel the engine braking when letting off the throttle; I did not even feel engine braking during this downshift.
rqjoe, I have faith in your doing good shifting.

No one disputes that while our WRX's are great, with their uneven OEM engine mapping, compounded by the way the turbo kicks, none of us always gets the perfect shift.

And despite that, or sometimes because of those two things, the car still is a hoot to drive!!!
Yep. There's something amazing about that flawless rev match hat makes you feel like a superhero. I totally agree that the WRX makes this very hard to do. I have been driving almost nothing but stick shift since I was 20 or so (almost half my life!) and I'd like to think that I'm competent at driving manual. In this car, I can consistently get close to a rev least close enough to be kind to the clutch and not annoy passengers but that precise match is elusive.

So...well done! Now do it again. :D
Ah, that feeling when you let it out and nothing at all happens. Sometimes it is still startling.
I don't give a shift!....

Just kidding, great shifts always feel nice
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