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I am a TRADER, EVO wheels on my WRX

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Was looking for a good winter setup, watching craigslist for a while. Just before i gave up and just about went for rubber only on stock 17" i found these for the same cost.
Enkei 18" wheels off an EVO X, same bolt pattern as the '16 wrx. Offset is a bit more aggressive with a +38, 225/40/18 vs stock 235/45/17. Overall pretty happy with the Blizzaks purchase plus the wheels for $600 cash. Considering new winters only on stock rims was about the same if not more. Slightly used. TPMS light is on, but i can live with that. Snow in Minnesota in 3 days! yay

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You mean traitor? Or was this a play on words?

Offset is a bit more than it should be, but should suffice for winter wheels.

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Looks nice! I had planned on getting a set of black wheels for winter, but ended up getting a barely used set of Sparco Pista wheels and X-Ice Xi3 tires for about half the price of new. Where in MN are you? I'm in the northern suburbs around the Hwy 694 corridor.
elk river area! let it snow....
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