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what a ****ty 2 days. decided to do everything sooner than planned. started at 11am first day and ended at 3am. then 12pm then next day and ended at 1am. so so so much to do by myself. full list of what i had to do...

swap manifolds and reverse the JDM
finish and redo the TB adaptor!!! :(
customize OEM FPR with welding and locating
run fuel lines
remove air pump system
make and customize FMIC piping to fit
find all air leaks from FMIC couplings and clamps, T BOLT CLAMPS CAN SUCK ***************
remove power steering pump and bracket to get the hard 3" inlet pipe to fit, also dent it a little to make it fit.
install AEM 3.5 bar MAP and run wires to make new wire harness
install light weight pulley
install ELH
install EWG UP and EWG and run lines
install CAI
lengthen MAF wires and TB wires, PITA and takes time, boring work
replace coolant that got away when unplugging some lines for more room
zip tie 100 things
replace bolts that got rusted and needed cut off
and last find little crap here and there that needed done or redone and once its all done check and check and check again!!!

after that nightmare start logging and got about 6 revisions from Eric Minehart from Torqued Performance to get everything running smooth and clean. im really happy now and Eric is a great guy to help out with all this!

next step going to my tuner here and seeing what it will put down. he has a mustang and dynojet so we can compair the dyno's. last tune on my 09 was 330/360 on the dynojet and i didnt have ELH, 3" inlet, 3.5 MAP, 750cc injectors, TGV less. this should be interesting :)

o and i know people will say something about other parts besides power, i have all suspension bushings upgraded, tranny and pitch stop mounts, RCE yellow springs, Koni full adjustable shocks etc etc

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wow... thats a lot to do in that amount of time. I wouldn't have the guts - since I would absolutely need the car running Monday morning to get to work.

I am so jealous at how clean your engine looks. How do you do that????????? My STI is now 1 year old, 28K miles, but the engine looks like it came from a 1968 vintage car.

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What's the advantage of the forward facing intake? Shorter intercooler piping? Althogether good looking work!
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