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How to Search: Newbie Tips

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Hi all, welcome to the forum. I hope your stay is pleasant. This is a short guide on where to find things on this forum and many other forums. It also contains suggestions on the best way to attain information. Hopefully most of this is a review for you all. But after seeing the behavior of some long time members on this sight toward new guys asking dumb questions, I decided to write some tips for the new guys like myself on how to use the search function and perform proper research before asking questions. Drews, this is for you.

Point 1: Use the same research skills that were taught to you in high school english.

A. Internet Search: You have many options when it comes to internet searches. Here are some tips for searching and the location of your most valuable resources.

  • The Stickies - Located at the top of every sub section of the forum, the stickies were important enough to keep around. So please read these before you ask questions. They were made to answer FAQ's and to outline basic info you will need moving forward. If you read the stickies, I garuntee you may never ask a question.

  • The Search Box - located at the top right of every page, it is a part of the "header" of the website. Use this for a very specific search within the website.

  • Google - Google will take a little finesse. Learn when to be specific and when to be vague. You can also search single sites from google using the form used below.
    Examples of good searches:
    -cobb ap faq
    -exhaust fs 02-07 wrx

    -Say your car is vibrating, make a list of possible problems. Then search each possible problem individually until you arrive at one that matches your symptoms the most.

B. Printed Books: Printed books are invaluable.

  • Owner's Manual - If you don't have an owner's manual for your car, you need to get one. A large majority of questions can be answered easily and quickly with a quick reference to the manual. Regular maintenance intervals and items, removal or assembly of anything on the car, plus in-depth instruction on how to do it. There's no one you should listen to more than the people who made your car.

C. Interviews: Nothing beats direct conversation on the phone or in person.
  • Local mechanics/Shops - refer to your regional forums to find recommended shops and tuners in your area. For your more complicated issues, talk to these guys. They will be more willing to spoon feed you info than an internet forum will because they want your business.
  • Local Subaru Clubs - nothing beats a support group of people to fall back on or ask quick questions about mods or problems. I gauruntee that between everyone in the group, almost every mod or setup has been tried. It's a great way to experience potential mods first hand; such as, what an exhaust will sound like. Refer to your local club for do's and do not's backed up by first hand experience.
  • Vendors - many vendors have built up a reputation for being helpful and selling you what is best for you. Search through the vendors on the website and send them a PM with what you have and what your goals are.

The most important thing to remember is use all of your resources. Don't just go off of what one person said to you.

Point 2: How to Ask your Question
All too often do we get questions that can't be answered

Point 3: Don't get butthurt
When it comes down to it. We're all a name on an internet screen. Don't take what people say personal and you will go a long way. Ignoring rude/aggressive people is the best deterent.

Usefull Noob Links:
Unabomber's Manifesto - NASIOC
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Nice post! +1 to all of the above

Sent from my Galaxy S4 (typo, schmypo)
Maybe im just preaching to the choir. I just dont like how some new guys get turned off to the website when really they just dont know how to search or ask questions that were literally answered the day before.
I couldn't find Unicorn Jizz in the search box.
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This helps a lot thanks for the links! I think that lots of newbies like to have people adress them directly more than searching it themselves. I get lazy too, but I will try to not ask stupid questions. :)
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It's only stupid if it is asked on a bi-daily basis and then the answer is nearly as abundant as the number of times the question is asked...

For example:
I couldn't find Unicorn Jizz in the search box.
...Search again, we discussed it yesterday.

Maybe the next thread will be on how your warranty isn't voided with modifications, but rather your claims are denied if the dealer can prove the modification is at fault for causing the failure.
...And it happened again this morning. It was pretty hostile for awhile.
I'm a n00b when it comes to cars, but not the internet, and not forums in general. The trick is to use these search functions, read as much as you can first, ask questions in existing threads (bumping isn't a bad thing, as opposed to creating a brand new one) and try to develop a general foundation of basic knowledge first, then you can start asking more advanced questions and stuff that probably, hopefully, won't piss people off.

But even after all that, some people sometimes want a dedicated thread all for themselves. You know, because everybody is special and has unique needs ;)
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I couldn't find Unicorn Jizz in the search box.
hmmm... I can't find it either. I may contact admin, and have them open a help desk ticket.
A long overdue stick about stickies and more ...

I'll never look at a rainbow the same way again ... :D
Thank you for the sticky! I feel honored; glad I could contribute something.'s a stretch, but yeah. That's what she said.

...gonna call it again aren't you? "That's what she said, funny!"
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Thank you for the heads up. I joined the forum to see if I could learn more about my husband's car to buy him parts as gifts and I was clueless to how intense this can get. Still worth it. Soon I'll know more than he does!!!!!
What's up y'all?

NEW owner of that 2015 subie WRX! Lovin' it!
Can someone tell me how to post a picture up above my username.
Hi so im a fairly new owner and was wondering how ppl find my post so quickly (no complaints, actually very happy about that). do they just browse and answer question? or do new posts show up somewhere for us?
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