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Holy c ra p! :eek:

For teh lazy:

Pictured is BIG DOG Shootout competitor, Donnie Krusinski during his massive nitrous explosion on Wednesday night! Donnie was un hurt in the explosion with the wonderful help of Bob Harris' son, Jason Harris' heroic efforts to aid in getting Donnie out unscaved. Donnie amazingly unstrapped inside within 12 seconds after the blaze began.

Photo : Gary Rowe /

Jason was the first to help taking a fire extinguisher towards the door knowing with the entire car engulfed that would help Donnie out tremendously when exiting the car. Harris showed no fear to help the seemingly hopeless Krusinski within. Being as close a Jason was, when Donnie opened the door a huge "backdraft" effect seemed to spew out of the car directly into Jason's path. Jason was immediately given oxygen by mouthpiece until medical transport took him to the local hospital for observation. When he left the track he was fine.

Miraculously the person to help Donnie out once he got on the ground was his young son who had been standing behind the car when it happened.

Krusinski's Chevy Monte Carlo sustained major damage. Unsure at this point if it is a total loss or not.

For all of those who witnessed this very heartfelt bizarre occurrence took it great knowing no one was seriously injured. The Piedmont staff and on-hand emergency medical personnel exceeded all a expectations during this 30 seconds of wild mayhem.

Drag Racing, taking for granted most of the passes are excellent also shares the dark side as witnessed here tonight at Piedmont Dragway.

Update on Krusinski : July 3rd, 2004 : Donnie is perfectly fine. The car is already being repaired and hopefully will be at the very next BIG DOG event scheduled for Thursday, August 5th. Donnie was quick to point out that he was well aware of what was going on inside the cockpit. Actually he was surprised he got out with the steering wheel still attached.

Track promoter, Bob Harris wanted to go on record letting everyone know that it's the guys like Donnie Krusinski that make BIG DOG what it is. Total dedication to the series and great sportsmanship is what the family here at Piedmont Dragway is all about!
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