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Okay, i'm moving out of the country (Perth Australia to be exact) and as much as I'd LOVE to keep this car I just can't and thus here it is.

This is an 06 Sti. I'm the first and only owner. It has 104k miles on it but really it couldn't be in nicer condition and frankly these boxer engines last forever anyway. This car is my baby and it's always had any and all care taken to make sure it's in perfect working order. The car is for all intents and purposes stock. I have upgraded to brembo slotted brake rotors and hawk ceramic pads, along with stiffer shift linkage bushings for a better shift feel, and nicer potenzia tires then what it came with. Other then that everything is how it came straight from the factory. It has the homelink rear view mirror option, as well as the short throw shifter and boost gauge on the steering column.

Looking to get 21,000 out of it. If you're interested you can throw me an email at xalupi at gmail dot com or give me a call (810)599-2893



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