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HKS Legamax

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I know, posting another exhaust question... I'm the worst.

Does anyone have knowledge on the HKS Legamax catback? I am trying to weigh my options right now and figure out which catback to pick up. I have a '16 WRX MT. I'm looking for something more on the quieter side, not sure if quieter is the right word because I want something more noticeable than stock. There doesn't seem to be much on the Legamax out there, especially videos and sound clips. The promo video from HKS and the 1 other sound clip I found couldn't be more different to my ears.

I'm planning on getting a downpipe in the future, which to my knowledge definitely makes the exhaust a little louder. Any thoughts, or suggestions?

Also looking at the Corsa and ETS, not sure how these compare.


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