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Hitch recommendations

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Hi all,

Which hitch should I go with? I want something durable. Does it matter what brand to go with?

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It helps to have general information about your vehicle so our recomendations aren't just from the wind.
What year is your vehicle and what type? (I know this is club wrx/sti but it does help quite a bit to know which one you have. Its all Subaru related.)
I was obviously not thinking when I posted that. I have an 09 Impreza wrx wagon.
As per your owners manual "Your vehicle is neither designed nor intended to be used for trailer towing. Therefore never tow a trailer with your vehicle"
My intention is to use it to carry bikes or luggage rack. No intention of towing anything

Lots of people tow with a WRX.
See the thread there. should link to it if not I'll fix it.
That's what roof racks are for. I wouldn't put a hitch on it.

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I think Curt, Hidden, and Reese all make hitches for Subarus.
One thing though make sure you specify whether you have dual exhaust and that it's a hatch. I know Curt fits a dual hatch but don't know about the others.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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