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i have pinpointed a high pitched "ding" at roughly 3K rpms not boosting. Is this "wastegate flutter"? is it bad long term? Anything can be done about it?

note: I posted this on NAISOC once and couldnt find really any viable response, except "get it tuned out"

I am ok with that if that if that is the case. I keep going back to what i have read before, that the 2011 BPV is sufficient to a degree. That maybe they dont hold boost like they should. I have posted about that too already but in searching around I have found guys have replaced that, and the "ding" goes away.

I wanted to pose the questions to this community and get your thoughts. I am on the fence on a pro tune. I think if I do, I will get the EBCS and MBC and do it. but i am also really really pleased with the TP tune I have. I know that it is somewhat of a moot point since I have no baseline dyno graphs to compare, but regardless I am pleased and content with where i am at currently... AAAALLLLL of that to say, and back to my original question... wtf is that ding?

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