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High Intake Temperature after Fill-up - 2015 WRX

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Hello All.

I'm currently running the Stage1+BigSF 93 v301 ots map with an aftermarket catback, bigsf intake, and hybrid bov. I've noticed recently that I've been getting high intake temperatures after a couple minutes of driving despite low temperatures outside. The first time I noticed was when it was about 40 degrees out, but the readings for the intake temp would reach 100+. It has happened consistently after my last 2 fill-ups, the first was from Costco Gas, and the second time at a BP. Just this morning, after about 25 minutes during my commute in to work today, sitting at a stop light I watched the intake temperature climb to 118, while outside temperature was about 50 degrees. However, I don't seem to see the issue once I've reached 3/4 to 1/2 tank. No knocks and consistent 1.0 dam.

Sidenote - I have hit the 45k mark and due for an oil change (done every 5k, amsoil 5w-30) which will be done this weekend.

I don't remember the last time my intake temperature has broken 100 degrees outside of the Summer season, is this normal? Is this any cause for concern? Could anyone advise?
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How long have you been flashed at 93? Costco sells 87-89-91. Could be the issue

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Having trouble understanding how intake temps would have anything to do with level of fuel tank? I think that is just happenstance. And which intake temp are you talking about - the one with the MAF near the airbox or the one on the manifold? Is your air filter clean and your intake tract clear? Is it only the intake temp doing this or is the coolant temp also fluctuating?
I figured If OP is running a tune for 93 and he's running 91 gas, there could be more to it?

Ok if not then I wonder if there is a leak someplace where that SF intake is sucking up engine bay air? I'd start checking the sensor then go from there

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Stopped at a light, IAT will increase while the top mount intercooler heat soaks.
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