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I just bought this car and I am in for a long ride. The car just had a rebuilt ej255 25k miles ago with some nice bolt ons which I will list below. Dynoed at 314awhp 336 lbs trq. What do you guys recommend I do next to it?

Cobb 3port BCS
Cobb SF intake
Gfb recirculating Bov
Dw250 fuel pump
Bigger injectors can't remember exact size runs 91 and e85
Tien street basis coilovers,
Kartboy front and rear end links, vf52 turbo, invidia n1 dual exit exhaust, catless tsudo divorced downpipe, centric rotors, posi quiet break pads, Gates timing kit, grimmspeed lightweight crank pulley,
Iag air oil separator
Grimmspeed tmic
Ceramic coated Grimmspeed up pipe
Tial 34mm ewg

The goal I'm going for is mainly reliability with power as a second goal. Reliability first though. Will my 5 speed hold up? I'm still running the exedy oem clutch for the wrx but I think the 5 speed with above 300 will fall out eventually. I'm thinking either save up awhile for maybe a used sti tranny or maybe get a front mount intercooler? Sorry for so many questions but I've never owned a Subaru and especially I modified one!


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Ya it's the 38mm my mistake!

all good, just trying to help out :) I know some people get their cars from dealers and then the dealers try to tell them the mods, and do so completely wrong. Thought maybe they told you 34mm haha.

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Also, to answer a couple of your questions. Your tranny should be fine, the clutch MAY start to slip, but its all how you drive it. Driving style makes them last a lot longer.

And I wouldn't do a fmic. I would upgrade to a better tmic. Much more efficient.

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Lol I was gonna say maybe he meant 44mm wastegate? Nice car OP.

Since it is an 08 though, you have the dreaded td04 turbo. Pick up a used vf52 turbo from a 09-14wrx. It will bolt right up to your car, but will also require a tune directly after install. But the vf52 should net you a nice gain over the tiny td04 you currently have.

You can find them used pretty often on nasioc and occasionally on here. That's what I would do next!
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