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Help!!! Wrong gas in my car...

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I drive a 16 STi... sorry if this is in wrong area.

Live in Jersey where unfortunately there are gas attendants... I always put 93 in my car, always.

I know I told the guy 93. I can't even blame the guy bc I normally double check but this time, I didn't. I was distracted by texts coming in.

5 minutes later, I'm already on the turnpike I decided to look at my receipt. WTF!!! The guy put regular, 87 I think...

Immediately I reseted the boost gauge, tried not to go on boost... 27 miles of max boost used 0.1 is so excruciating. I rolled windows down blast the AC to use as much gas as possible.

What should I do, what should I expect? When I filled up it was almost empty so there's mostly 87 in the tank.

I'm so nervous at this point.

Please let me know your thoughts and advice... thank you!
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Hope you enjoyed the car while it lasted.. it will blow up sometime within 48 hours. Sorry for your loss.

Or just be easy on it till your gas light comes on and fill up with 93 and always watch the gas attendant!
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Read the manual, this is explained. Drive the car sanely and sensibly. Do not repeat.
Like SD said. Just drive it like a little old granny on her way to church until it's empty and you get it refilled with some premium.
I drive a 16 STi...

Please let me know your thoughts and advice... thank you!
No texting while filling.
I believe you can buy octane booster

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Octane booster is not useful. It won't raise octane appreciably.
I used to buy tetraethyl lead (real octane booster) for my old farm tractor up until a couple years ago. No longer can find it. I agree; the other stuff nowadays doesn't work well.
Just a suggestion

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