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I'm currently changing my timing belt on a 2010 WRX but can't get the driver side cam gears to line up. They are only a couple of inches off, trying to turn them the correct directions [top CW and bottom CCW] However, I'm getting a lot of resistance. It's a springy resistance, I've only applied moderate force to be cautious of bending a valve.

So I'm worried to say the least, I had everything lined up with the old one, and when I went to finish the job they had moved on the right. Also when I adjusted the crank sprocket I spun it way too far to the right and adjusted it back where it needs to be. No noise or major resistance when doing so. I've also pulled all the plugs. I can crank the sprocket by hand.

The sprocket is aligned with the mark TDC, arrow head at 3 o'clock.

I'm at a standstill so Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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