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Help with CEL in 2015 WRX

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HELP! I got in my 2015 WRX CVT this afternoon and all of the lights on the dash were on - check engine, ABS, Traction control, cruise control, etc. ALL OF THEM. I couldn't switch out of Sport mode, but overall the car drove as normal (I didn't push it, just tried to get it to pep boys to get the code read). The code "P000B - Engine Position System Performance Bank 2" appeared three times. I have no idea what this code means. Can anyone help? I scheduled an appointment to have the local dealer look at it tomorrow, but I'd like to avoid the dealer at all cost - no pun intended. Any insight into this code/problem would be greatly appreciated! Below is an image of the code.
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The car is under warranty so why not take it there

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If you're not modded then there is no reason to be afraid of a dealership bill.... anything will be covered under warranty.
Thanks everyone. I apologize about posting twice. I didn't think the first post went through so I tried again in the other forum.

I'm at the dealer now. Hopefully there are no surprises. Thanks again
Just to update everyone it was a faulty sensor. Dealership replaced it free of charge thanks to warranty.

Thanks again everyone for the help!
It's as easy as that!... Glad the dealer got it sorted out for you. :)
EDIT: seen you figured it out.
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