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Help plz !? ABS Light with the Hill icon and swerve icon popped up! ALSO PO102 "mass or volume air flow circuit low input DTC SEVERITY 2/3" ?!?!

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My first issue is I have a 2018 base WRX manual transmission. It threw a PO102 code at me, and I responded by changing the MAF sensor and then clearing the code. The code popped back up after 20 minutes. I am lost and I need help, please.

My second issue is my ABS and VDC and hill light came on. I topped off the brake fluid, then changed my ABS fuse,
what else could be causing this?

Any feedback is much-appreciated guys I'm a newbie
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Ignore the abs, vdc and hill lights for now. They turn on with CEL.

What mods do you have and is it tuned for them? Some intakes on this platform have a tendency to throw that code. Cobb intakes are especially bad, scaling issues and a low quality extension harness, both of which cause this code.
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