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2011 Base WRX 5 door (bone stock)
18k miles
MFG date 2/11
CEL, traction and blinking cruise in cool damp/rainy weather only or so it seems it has happened twice in past week, same code both times. Runs fine 99% of the time but randomly wants to stall. 1st attempt after clearing CEL it doesnt want to start but finally does.

This is what I get:
Idle Air Control System Circuit Low
Fuel Sys 1 OL ( I'm thinking open loop?)
Fuel Sys 2 CL-Fault (I'm thinking closed loop?)
Calc Load% 34.9
ECT (f*) 57
STFT B1 0.00

Any ideas? Reflash the ECU?


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What are you using to read the codes? An AP?
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