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Hey guys. So I have a 2001 JDM bugeye WRX but it is the just the GDA model not the GDB because it is only a WRX not an STI. I currently have a stock downpipe to a blitz nur spec r catback at the moment.

I am getting a dyno tune for 91 octane soon and thought I might as well go stage 2 while i'm at it but I do have a couple worries. Since it is a JDM model, I know sti's have different downpipe lengths so a USDM downpipe will not fit with a catback previously attached to a JDM downpipe due to length differences...

So pretty much all I am wondering, since I have a ej205 just like all the other WRX's made in the USDM, do I have a usdm spec downpipe, or since it is a JDM car, would it have a different length downpipe regardless?

I would like to buy a downpipe suitable for the WRX's here in north america but I am worried that when I take my stock downpipe off, the aftermarket downpipe will not fit with my catback.

Any more additional info can be provided, thanks!
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