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Help needed pls photos attached

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Hey i have managed to get my hands on a 99 forester body with a v7 engine when i purchased was told it had a 2005 v7 wrx sti engine that had been fully reubuilt etc . Etc. was just wandering how do i know exactly what year the engine really is to make sure the person i bought off wasnt telling me porkys as i have been looking at different v7 engines nd alot of yeara look the same , any help / info appreciated as i plan to resell and gt a sedan wrx


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From what i understand, there is no way to tell from the engine serial # to tell what year it was made. Best bet is to find a VIN to see if the engine came from a donor car.
Only need to start one thread, btw.
ok thank you very much one more thing i have been informed that this isnt a v7 but is a v5/6 as the coil pack is positioned wrong to be a v7 is this correct???? as to know whether i should go back to the person i got it off!!!!!!!!
For info purposes imma say this here. I'm pretty sure that the engine in your Forester is not the 2.5L STI engine. I thought that all the 2.5L STI engines are stamped with EJ25. All the WRX non STI engines are stamped with EJ20, which is what you have in your car. A 2.0L WRX engine.

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This thread is two and a half years old.
It's pretty hysterical that this thread was bumped from the grave JUST to share incorrect information. More hilariously is that this is Sniperkill's first post.

To summarize:
1. Sniperkill joined ClubWRX
2. Sniperkill comments on 2.5 year old thread
3. Information that Sniperkill provides is bogus

OP clearly said "V7 WRX STi engine," ergo EJ207 ergo EJ20. Closing this thread.
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