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Hey guys,

Recently bought a MY00 GC8, has been modified with VF34, FMIC, TBE and an ECUTEK tune.

I had it up on the dyno and it pulled 184kw atw. The tuner mentioned that it was running very rich and hit AFR as low as 8 under WOT. Noticeable area around 5500rpm where it bogged on the dyno. I doubt that the original ECUtek MAP would have been tuned this rich and suspected either boost leak or maybe MAF issues. Tuner says he definitely didn't think it was a boost leak and recommended I upgrade to a link ECU and have it tuned properly. Also should mention I had the plugs replaced with 7s (one step colder) while it was at the shop.

In the meantime, I'd like to try to pinpoint why it's running rich to improve driveability until I can afford to upgrade to a link.

I have run a log on ECU explorer and wondering if anyone could let me know if there is anything obvious here that I should be looking at.

Also, pulled historic codes :

23 mass air flow sensor circuit
22 knock sensor
11 crankshaft position sensor

There is no check engine light on currently. I have noticed it has come on once or twice on cold starts for maybe 3 or 4 seconds and then gone off again.

Given that I have no solid CEL on would that mean these are only intermittent faults or is there a chance it could be running a richer MAP due to any of these errors?

Log attached is 2-3 WOT pull into throttle off and coast

Any advice would be appreciated!

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One-step colder plugs require an ECU remap.

Install the correct heat-range plugs and report back.
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