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Let me start off by saying that I really love my VF22 up top, but truthfully, I need a quicker spooling turbo for everyday use. Since I live in California, I can only get 91 octane from the pump. Yes I know, I can put 100 octane or toluene additive in to bump up the octane, but that is not very convenient for me to do. Also, since I run 91 octane, I can only run my VF22 safely at 16psi. So my VF22 will never reach fully potential at 16psi. My best dyno #'s to date on 91 octane at 16psi are 258whp/245 ft.lbs.

So I have come to a decision that I need a faster spooling turbo that can be run at 16psi all day long. I really miss the spooling charactersistics of my stock turbo so long ago, and I want that back now.(Old Man Rant.)

I can get in on a local group buy for a VF34 for a VERY cheap price. VF34 spools somewhere around 3200 rpms on a Stage 4 setup.

I can get a 16G from Deadbolt Enterprises for $799. Spool up charactersistics are better than a VF22, but slower than a VF34.

I am also looking at VF23 and VF35's.

Please contribute to my poll.

Should I leave my setup alone or go with something else.
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