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I just bought a 2015 subaru wrx and ots got an issue that I at first thought was the clutch but now think could be a differential issue.

When I drive smoothe and baby the car there is no issue bit if I get on it as soon as boost builds all the way up it acts as though the clutch is slipping.

When I am going up a steep hill at 3000 rpm I put it in 4th sometimes faith and floor the pedal but no sliping happens I can do tje same on flat ground 30 mph 4th or 5th gear floor it and no slip just slow bogged acceleration. But say I'm in 3rd gear at 3000 3500 rpm (boost is very low) and I try and take off it will accel until boost gets to 15 psi or higher then slip (rapid rpm climb minimal acceleration) every time it happens I let off quickly as I dont wa t to mess it up bad enough to where its not driveable.

I forgot to mention I have not really smelled burnt clutch if so extremely minimal smell and my expirience with bad clutches in tje past is they smell

Please help idk what to do I dont get a new clutch and it not be the issue I have money but not alot if I can figure out what it is I'll take it to the shop to be fixed I have a drivetrain and power train waranty but it doesnt cover clutch
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