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Help installing invidia q300 on wrx

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Hey guys I just purchased a invidia q300 for my 2017 wrx. Was wondering if anyone can provide me a dyi or tips in how to do the install?
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the biggest pain in swapping catbacks is getting the exhaust off the hangers in my opinion, to make this easier be sure to spray the hangers, this will make removal much easier. Other than that its a pretty straight forward install.
It's a very easy install, you can't really mess it up. You'll see how straight forward it is when you get under the car and like WVRex said, spray the hangers with WD40 and they will slip right off.
Sweet and just socket ranches, don't really need major tools right?
This could be done by myself?
Sweet and just socket ranches, don't really need major tools right?
This could be done by myself?
That's correct if i remember correctly they were 14mm? some box wrenches and sockets and you're good to go. Yeah it can be done by your self, it may be hard to balance it at times but its possible.
Wd40 will be your best friend to get the exhaust out of the hangers. And maybe a breaker bar. That's about it
Silicone works well for the hangers as well.

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I used windex, doesn't burn as much when it gets in your eyes.

I had an easier time pulling the hangars off the car, putting them on the exhaust first, then popping them back on the car.
thanks for the tips guys!!
will install it next week and post pictures up
PB Blaster or Aero Kroil according to our resident SuperSpy.
Okay so Ian having a bit of a problem trying to removing the bolts from the down pipe of the OEM exhaust as well as the mufflers
Anyone suggest any times of removing this parts?
Spray it with Kanokroil and use an impact if you have it.

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PB blaster should work, let it soak.
Yes, PB blaster is fair. Kano kroil products are your best bet for that situation. You'll need to let it sit for a few hours to overnight.

When I am removing rusted fasteners I always use kroil and spray a little every few hours for a day prior to the work. Kroil works fast, so you probably don't have to wait that long but at home I've got time to burn. At work I've yet to have a fastener siezed so bad kroil didn't penetrate

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Happy to say I was finally able to install it
Took about 2.5hr total doing it myself, i must say this is a 2 man project and PB blaster did it with the hangers and bolts

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