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Help Help!! Emergency!
Damn my WRX have many problem, please help!!

HID lighting prob:
1. I installed my Phillip HID. However my left light sometimes won't turn on.

2. My interior instrument light is VERY dim now.

3. High beam indicator light is on.

4. I lost fog light control.

Electrical prob:
My friend tried to bypass the factory alarm and make it working while the turbo timer is counting down. He cut 2 wires and i think one of it is alarm. the prob now is:

1. Speedameter is not working.

2. I can't turn off the headlight.

3. CEL is up.

4. ABS light is up.

5. Engine fan is constantly on.

6. Fog light is off.

Any one knows any possible cost and detail solution please help me! Or at least tell me who or which shop is REALLY capable on fixing WRX's electric problem around LA.

I cant drive my car now..... :(

Really appreciated if anyone reply any one of my prob

-Bryan :(

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I would start by pulling out the HIDs and the TT. Put the wiring back to the way it was and make sure you didnt blow the ECU. If everything works OK, put the TT in the normal way, make sure it works, then the HIDs, make sure they work, then try the alarm bypass thing. Maybe just too many electric mods at once and something was spliced wrong.

I know its a pain in the arse to put it all back the way it was, but you need to make sure the HIDs or TT aren't bad.

Hope that helps

Good Luck
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