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Help buying used wrx.

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I'm done with 240s, im sick of waiting months to get the car running because of parts that are nowhere to be found. So I thought about what car to get, I went on Craigslist to see what i could find... Booom '04 wrx all stock besides wheels, coils, exhaust, annddd the guy told me he replaced the clutch about a month ago. Ima be honest, i don't know **** about subarus, i drove the car, it felt good man, way better than the rattling drift missiles I've owned. The car is salvage, 98k miles, needs body work (not worried about that, its what i do for a living), and the guy wants $6k. I think its a steal, but it seems like he beats the **** out of it, its the reason why im scared to buy it. Let me know what tou guys think, thanks.
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Depending on what exhaust it will require a tune it accessport. If it is just a cat back, your fine, a turbo back needs ecu calibration.

I'm going out on a limb and guessing they are cheap coilovers so you are likely going to want to source a factory set or a decent set of coilovers. You can plan on a solid 1500 to 2k for that.

As for the price, it's not worth half that with a salvage title. However some sucker will pay it.

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Bc coilovers, the exhaust seemed pretty ****ty. So you think I shouldn't buy it ?


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That's your call, I'm just giving my opinion. BC coilovers are not that great. I would address those right away and source a factory suspension as soon as possible, or perhaps a Feal set. They are a little cheaper than kw but I've seen surprising things about them for the price.

If it was me, I would have zero interest in the car.

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Yeah you right man, I'll go for something cleaner. Thanks
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