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2004 Impreza wrx
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New here, so whatsup y’all!

Firstly, I’m so glad I found this website/group for alike car owners, that’s so cool lol! 🙏🏽
This whole thing might sound dumb, but I obviously don’t know and want to make sure hence me writing this.

Anyway, I recently got a 2004 Impreza wrx from Japan, and it never came with a stereo (picture below).
As mentioned in the title, I want to try and install one MYSELF. I was doing some online searching along with watching some videos on how to. I’d like to say I’m more of a hands on type person, so overall the procedure seems fairly easy, and wiring wise generally the same (mostly just colour match everything, right?).

But before I attempt to install it, I was wondering if there was any differences to install on a jdm vs a usdm?
This is going to sound pretty vague but it’s what made me confused and concerned whether I should actually do it myself or get it done professionally. So I read somewhere that I may need some kind of converter (wire?) for jap to eng and I have no idea what that whole “Jap-eng converter” was about, since I was falling asleep while reading and accidentally deleted the page and everything else. My dumdass fault. 🙄
In addition, I have my after market stereo waiting to be installed. But it seems like I need to get another separate wiring harness specific to my car, to attach to the stereo, then again to the harness to the one already in the car... if that makes any sense hopefully?

All in all, if someone with any kind of help I’d very much appreciate it!!!

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