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HELP!!! Accesport V3 wont connect/ install

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I just bought a 2012 wrx hatch from Subaru dealer and it had full invida catless turbo back exhaust and cobb cold air intake. I just purchased cobb short shifter and AP. but its not connecting :( and of course its Friday and their closed after 6 I called 4:45cst no answer. has anyone ran into this issue? I already hooked it up to computer downloaded tunes and registered and confirmed no firmware update . help I don't want to wait till Monday!!!
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With buying the car already modified, and the accessport not connecting, it leads me to believe that the previous owner had an accessport married to the car, and did not unmarry it before selling/trading it. You cannot connect more than one accessport to a cars ecu at a time.
What if the dealership reprogrammed ecu
If you bought the car with a turboback, etc. and you're unsure if it's tuned....

I'd be doing a compression test to make sure it's not on it's last leg before anything else.

That's how engines blow up, unfortunately.

Like others said though, my guess is it already has a tune installed, and you can't marry another AP while the old one is still on there.
Yeah car has 17k and I have warranty if it blows idc new motor lol I'll take it to dealership to reprogram ecu and hopefully it's erases it and I can get mine connected
Unless it's an aftermarket (third party) warranty that protects you if you modify your car, Subaru is not going to warranty that car if it blows up.

Subaru is also likely not going to touch it with an Accessport tune on it.
They said as long as I don't touch anything else I won't have a problem . They don't mind exhaust
They said as long as I don't touch anything else I won't have a problem . They don't mind exhaust
Downpipe and Intake will both relate directly to engine damage without a tune, which CAN be proven by the techs, and they will deny claims.

If they told you they're ok with it, I'd get it in writing. Im not trying to seem condescending, just trying to help you out.

For instance, my brother purchased an 09 with something like 50K miles on it, the dealer said they changed the oil when he bought it, he took it home and changed the oil after 1000 miles anyway. At 53K, it spun a bearing.

Subaru denied the warranty claim due to "lack of maintenance", even though he hadn't even owned the car for two months.

Tread lightly.
I work at a ford dealership I know how warrantys work.
Thanks for info guys wish me luck when I go in I'll make sure it's in writing
You need to either buy an AP and reflash the PCM, or replace the PCM and uninstall the turboback exhaust, install a stock turboback, and make sure the boost restrictor pill in inserted on the wastegate vacuum line.

Subaru cannot typically unflash a PCM because the Cobb flash prevents anyone else's computers from accessing the PCM including Subaru's and Tactrix cables. Which means Subaru could only install a new PCM for you...which is a $670 part. However a AP can probably uninstall the Cobb PCM program, install a stock PCM program back, and then Subaru can update PCM to the latest PCM program they have.

Because of the modifications to the intake and exhaust, the factory warranty likely no longer applies to the engine. Modifying the catback portion of the exhaust is fine, but the turboback portion is where you change the dynamics.

And you should get a compression test too.

You absolutely must not run the stock PCM program with a turboback exhaust! The decreased backpressure will cause your engine to blow up.

The new AP should be able to detect the previous AP install and overwrite it. If it doesn't, something goofy is going on.

Hope that helps!
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Lol well motor blew up today guys:joy: Dealer will cover everything
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