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Hi guys,

I have a problem on my 2011 WRX STI UK spec, here's a short story, so i was going to take my car for a quick drive to a store, when I was trying to open the driver door with my key fob, it won't open, so i decide to use a manual key (inside the FOB), and when i turn the key, the alarm started, but i just keep going on, and try to turn on the car from the push start button, but it wont start, it just went to accessories mode everytime (7 times already!) and the alarm wont stop buzzing, it will stop when i go out from the car and shut all the doors,

from the dashboard there is a immobilized alert, flashing every second,

i use the sigma security system (built from the factory i got my car from) got all the pins, but cant even insert the pin from the keypad, because the car only can turned on to accessories mode, nothing further,...

please, i need your help i can't live without her

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