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Ok on my way home from work tonight something really didn't feel right with the car. I recently had a slight issue when I first got the car with the car wanting to pull to the left. I rotated the tires (tires were not proper psi when they first gave me the car also) and had subaru check the alignment. Rotating the tires fixed the pull and the alignment checked out perfect (despite what I've heard about new subies being off factory specs more times then not). When I was coming home tonight the brakes felt a little stiffer then normal (even though they seated fully 400 miles ago about), and this is what I found:

1) When driving straight on a flat road (i.e highway) the car was wanting to drift left again

2) When I was going on a flat road at about 25 mph, I hit the brakes and all the sudden the wheel totally cut hard left by itself. I thought maybe I picked up a nail on the highway, and that my LF tire was losing mad air, but I got out and checked all my tires and they were all good. My first thought of horror is that my RF caliper is sticking or on its way to seizing. After a 30 minute drive I checked both side rims, caliper, and rotor temperature to the touch. Oddly enough they both felt the same temp, and I didn't smell anything burnt. Its an 07 STI with 1200 miles on it, so this would suprise me if a caliper was int sticking, but thats what it really feels like it. After I checked the car out I finished driving home and it didn't really seem to do it as bad, but at low speeds, when almost about to turn, was what really made it act up. I'm gonna keep an eye on it on my way to work in the morning, but something really feels amis. Have any of you guys heard of the calipers on a brand new STI seizing up or sticking before early on in the life of the vehicle? I'd appreciate any input. If it does it like crazy all the time on my way to work tomorrow, imma drop it right off at subaru.

thanks guys.
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