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Hello everyone!

My name is Jeff, and I just picked up my 2011 4 door WRX in Obsidian Black Pearl a couple weeks ago! I've had 2 other Subaru's in the past (both Imprezas) but never had a WRX. Due to $$ situations, I had been stuck driving a Mazda3 and was absolutely MISERABLE in that car. Things finally turned around, and I'm now in a car that I love and will keep for years and years. I've been on the NASIOC forums for awhile (think I'm jhemy there too) and decided to come over here and see how it is. Not sure what I will d for mods at this point since I love the car the way it is and want to enjoy it that way for awhile at least. Here she is!

Look forward to talking with everyone here!

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