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Headlight Upgrade - 2005 WRX Wagon

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Sorry if this has been posted but as I was looking through previous posts and threads, and I did not see a definitive answer for this question. My '05 WRX Wagon headlights are super hazy. It seems like this is a common problem for Subaru owners. I have never really liked my stock headlights either, they have always been dim in my opinion and now, 12 years in, I want to ditch these hazy and dim stock headlights and get some new bright headlights installed.

So I have read through all these other posts and threads where people "mod" their headlights, install a HID in their reflector lights, mod their existing headlight enclosures etc and everyone gets mad. That is not what I am looking for advice on. I want to do a full upgrade from my old stock (are they halogen?) reflector headlights, and replace them with brand new headlights that are HID, bright. Is it as simple as just purchasing this entire system here"

HID Xenon + 04-05 Subaru Impreza WRX / STI Dual Halo & LED Projector Headlights - Gloss Black

I have only replaced my stereo head unit on my car, so I am not well versed in wrx modifications and I may be wrong, but if this kit comes with balasts, bulbs and new headlight enclosures, it seems like this would be everything I need. Any help pointing me in the right direction for fully upgrading my lights would be helpful. Again, not looking to put projector bulbs in my old headlights, I know that's a dumb idea, but I just need some help doing the right thing. Thanks for any help.
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