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Headlight protection film...done.

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I've put the chameleon film in the past which looks neat during the day (it's on the badge as you can see) but for night the lighting is terrible even with the silver neochrome (weird colors & dimmer light). Didn't want a totally riced out look so went with light blue this time.

And yes depending on your state it may not be legal. If for any reason inspection won't pass it I can easily take it off. It was a bit tricky getting it shrunk but was worth it IMO.

Started from the front corner working the flat side first along the bottom

Lots of shrinking and careful squeeging (this is towards the end)

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nice job.
excellent job, I did this same mod on my car a year ago. It is worth it imo, but you do have to take some time with heating and stretching and moving.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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