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Headlight Hazing

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Hey Guys,

So I have a 2016 WRX Premium. I attempted to black out my headlights and C-Light install. Looks great but I did a poor job of sealing the housing back when I was finished. I have condensation in my headlights now and I need to pull them back out and re-seal.

My question is, will baking these headlights multiple times cause hazing of the lens? My buddy has a 2014 WRX and when he did his headlights, it resulted in a hazed look.

Just want to see if its in issue or if it was an isolated occurrence. Thanks ahead of time.
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Yes it can.

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Yep. Possibly haze them. I put strip LEDs in my light cases and where one end of the strip is close to the lens/case, mine are hazing slightly because of the heat from the LEDs there. But I did not bake mine to get them apart. It was tricky and took patience pulling and prying gently, but they came apart and all the goo stayed on one half.
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