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2002 Subaru Impreza WRX
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I bought a 2002 wrx a few months back, its had the motor swapped over to a jdm, seems properly done. But there's a new issue thats arisen. I've been doing research on the headers and I'm not entirely sure that the headers I have are correct, and if they are they certainly don't look proper. Not to mention they rub against the U subframe causing a loud rattle in the cab, only heard from inside the car though. I've included some pictures as well, I'm going to replace the headers as this is causing an obvious problem. Also I've been reading on the Cats in the uppipe and there's no reason to replace it since I live where there isn't any emissions testing.

Any suggestions on a brand of headers to replace with? I've been looking and there's quite a bit of them out there nowadays.

Can anyone figure what caused this to happen? Like I said though, I'm not entirely sure this is the correct exhaust.
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