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just bought a viper vss5000 and I am having issues figuring out a few wiring diagrams and their locations. Wanted to see if anyone here has ever hooked one up to their 2015+ WRX/STI before that can help...

I am using this wiring diagram here but its not very clear or matches my car 100% tho as I own a 2017 Subaru WRX Base model...

so here is a list of all the ones I am currently missing and not sure where they wire too...

H1/9 Black/White. (-) 200mA DomeLight Supervision Output. (It says it connects to the BIU which has 4 white plugs... which plug is it and if its the 3rd plug down from the top, I don't see a "Green" cable in this plug, only a "Green/White" wire that I can see...)
H1/10. White/Blue. (-) Remote Start Activation Input
H1/12. Orange (-) 500mA Ground When Armed Output

H2/1 Light Blue (-) 200mA Second Unlock Output
H2/2. White/Black (-) 200mA Aux 3 Output
H2/3 Violet/Black (-) 200mA Aux 2 Output
H2/4 Green/White (-) 200mA Factory Alarm Rearm Output
H2/5 Gray/Black (-) Wait - to - Start Input
H2/6 Light Green/Black. (-) 200mA Factory Alarm Disarm Output

H3/1 Black/White. (-) Neutral Safety Switch Input
H3/2 Violet/White (-) Tachometer Input Wire
H3/3 Brown (+) Brake Shutdown Input Wire
H3/5 Blue/White (-) 200mA 2nd Status/Rear Defogger - Latched Pulsed

H4/1 Orange/Black (-) 200mA Aux 4 Output
H4/2 Brown (-) 200mA Horn Output

For the Door Lock wires... is the passenger side panel have the same wire color also? can I wire the lock/unlock to the passenger side panel or will there be an issue? When pushing the unlock will it still unlock the driver side first or no if I wired to the passenger side panel?

so if anyone has wired a Viper and knows how to wire this up please respond and help out a New Subiee owner.... Thanks for taking the time to help me out if you can....
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