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Hey y'all, so about a week ago I started having a hard time starting my car. It is a 2006 Saabaru (WRX sold by Saab) with 163k miles. It started out of nowhere, without any real warning. It started up easily, that evening, I went to the gym, came back to it after about 2 hours, and it wouldn't start. It was cranking normally, no clicking or anything. I tried it a few times, let it sit for a couple minutes, and gave it one more shot. That last time, it started up after about 10-15 seconds of cranking. I have had the same issue since then. It is starting up fine, if the engine is still hot. It runs just like normal; I've had it out for 30+ minutes without any issues. Idles smooth. Weather here has been 90+ most days.

The first time I had the issue, my gas was really low; I am thinking some sediment could have been slurped up into the pump/filter? Also, I usually park on a pretty steep grade, about 20-30 degrees with the nose up; I've been avoiding it the past couple days. I am still on an slight grade but but have started reversing in so the nose will be down. I pulled the battery and Autozone told me it was doing fine. The CEL came on the first time I had the issue but was gone by the next day; I couldn't pull any old codes.

I am thinking gas problem or spark plugs but don't know where to start. Spark plugs are cheaper, then filter, then the whole pump. I can do the pump+filter all at once and save the effort of redoing a lot of that work but that would be more expensive.

I'm not sure about the state of maintenance on the aforementioned parts; the car's records were generally super clean and consistent though. I just moved and haven't been able to track down my records yet.

What do yall think I should do? Is there any good diagnostics for fuel vs spark plugs? Is it worth it to do the fuel pump and filter at the same time for the sake of general maintenance?
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