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Had a little accident

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Soooooo had a little fender bender yesterday (nothing major) with my 2017 wrx. the only damage are literally the indentations of the screws of the other cars license plate. I was thinking about getting a new bumper anyways and now it seems kinda convenient. In addition to the little indentations there are two ACTUAL holes from there the dealership drilled through to mount my plate. My question is if the 2018 wrx bumper will fit on to my car or not. I know Subispeed just released a version that does but I'm curious if the OEM bumper will fit.
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Yes it will and Subispeed is selling them. There are Subispeed haters here; I've been buying from them ($3,000+) for over a year now with no problems.

Subaru OEM Paint Matched 2018 WRX STI Front Bumper with "Performance" Gloss Black Lower - 2015+ WRX / STI - 15+ WRX
I am always grateful to you guys who keep the economy going by buying such things. Thanks. Really. I am the type to just let such minor things be. I run my cars into the ground and thus am not concerned with minor cosmetic things. Thanks really.
hey i just like to keep my car clean thats all
nothing wrong with exterior mods.. 2018 front bumper looks good. im thinking of switching mine. but 1300 is too much tho
...There are Subispeed haters here; I've been buying from them ($3,000+) for over a year now with no problems...
Agreed about Subispeed. I've used PayPal since the beginning and never had a problem.
Well good luck with it. It's like going into a crack den wearing pounds of gold jewlery. Sure you and a couple may get through fine. But plenty are going to get attacked for drug money.

Basically by shopping there you are sending the message that poor data security for the user is ok.

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