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Hey all, I had a 2004 Sti for 9 years but eventually got rid of it to pay off other bills after second child was born. Fast forward years later, I was craving a fun car and no longer have daycare payments so figured I'd get it back (same model, different actual car). As you all know, they're not exactly going down in price for stock builds, but I didn't mind buying one slightly modded and I'm not in it for the purist aspect (even though I appreciate the car bone-stock just as much), I wanted to do a few tasteful things to it anyway.

So, my previous car just had the BC coilovers on it and some upgraded brake lines, otherwise I never did a single thing to it...

The one I bought recently has a whole list of stuff, and I'm wanting to just slowly but surely go through everything to fully understand what I'm working with and just all around get to know the car more, and I know many on here are much more knowledgeable than I so hoping to garner some wisdom. :)

My "new" car has had several owners, had an engine replaced by Subaru about 20k miles ago and the body itself has about 86k miles on it. I'm sure it has been tinkered with and modded in ways I don't even know... but it looks good and runs well as far as I can tell so far, and I'd like to see what about it is stock vs modded; and, not having a good baseline understanding of what is "normal" vs not, it's hard to glance at it and know "that doesn't belong...". Also, one or more of the previous owners may be on this forum, I'd welcome any input from them just to know what's up (if they recognize this as theirs).

Here are the list of mods I can see on it under the hood:
-Perrin TMIC
-Greddy BoV
-K&N Intake
-3" TBE (but no idea what brand, can't find any markings on it).
-Gimmick radiator
-BC Coilovers

It has the Cobb Accessport with it, but haven't plugged it up yet to see what map it's running, no idea if it's running stock now or modded but it was at some point based on what I see on the Accessport. That could have been before the engine was blown. I'll be checking that in the very near future. The exhaust smells a bit rich and lingers much more than my previous, not sure if that's from some air/fuel changes via the Accessport or what.

There are a few exterior mods from stock such as headlights, diffuser under the rear, etc, BBS wheels are powder coated black.

Items that are changed on the interior:
-Pioneer MVH-1400NEX head unit.
-Shift nob

I don't see any other obvious non-stock changes inside. My previous car had the sound system in it that had the sub under the seat and 6 disc changer, seems like that stereo sounded better than this one but my assumption is this one has stock speakers vs upgraded, even though the head unit in it is superior now to the stock one I used to have. I plan to take the door panel off and look. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but would like to get a small sub under the seat and/or door speaker upgrade to feel a bit more bass like my last one had. Looking at Crutchfield at the SoundOrdnance B-8PTD or something similar potentially (thoughts?). Again, no audiophile, just a little more feelin' in the car would be nice. I wonder though, looking under the seat, is it wired already for the sub or do I need to run a wire?

Other thing I'd like to add on just for fun is a boost gauge. Simply for the "fun to look at" factor honestly, I enjoy having one (stock) on my previous car. This one doesn't have one but I was considering getting the GlowShift Black 7 Color 30 PSI Turbo Boost/Vacuum Gauge Kit. Thoughts/concerns?

That's where I'll leave it to start, I know that's a lot of information in one location but I figured instead of parting out several things in different threads it would be nice to introduce myself here and get it all in one spot to hopefully say "hey" and open the floor for anything anyone would like to add. This is a car I plan on just having in my garage as my fun car to enjoy on nice days, I won't be driving it in the snow/bad weather, just a fun car to tweak it in a way that's personally fun and enjoyable to me, but I want to do things right and take good care of it along the way. Also hoping once this pandemic is over I can meet a few like-minded people out and about that appreciate cars as well. Not much of a scene for that around here anymore, back when I was doing that more it was back around the Fast and the Furious days in the early 2ks so there were more people/meetups, Mid-Missouri where I live isn't exactly a hot-bed for this. :)

I'll attach a few pics to see what I'm looking at right now and see where we can go from there. :) -Don











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