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The other day on my way home from work, I noticed an exhaust leak (that familiar "tick-tick-tick" sound as you drive by guardrails on the side of the roadway). I got the car up on stands to take a look, expecting it to be the downpipe/catback joint which has plagued me in the past (simple fix). Upon investigation, I noticed that the flex section on my uppipe looked pretty bad. I got out from under the car, turned it on, and sure-enough, it was the uppipe flex section that was leaking.

I've had the Grimmspeed 38mm EWG uppipe for a few years now, and it's lived through some harsh winters (40' of snow in 2014, for example). The uppipe had been installed beyond the standard two-year warranty, but I called them up today hoping that maybe they could offer anything in terms of warranty (even just a discount on a replacement part). I got Art on the phone, who was very pleasant to deal with. I was open/honest that it was older than the standard warranty, and that I understood why warranty policies were in place, but Art insisted that he get pictures and talk to his supervisors about the situation. Upon receipt of the pictures, he asked me to give him a little bit of time to talk with his supervisors and he would get back to me. He quoted me 15 minutes, and sure enough, 15 minutes later, he got back to me as promised. Grimmspeed offered to replace my defective part free of charge.

I went into the phone call expecting nothing, hoping for maybe something, and got more than I could've asked for (they're even covering shipping of the defective part back to them for inspection). Talk about customer service and a company that stands behind their products...

Go back through my posts, and you'll see that I push Grimmspeed uppipes every chance I get. When people message me on my vendor account, I have always told them Grimmspeed or shop elsewhere. That stance was always based on my installation history (the fact that they include replacement hardware and have perfect fitment every time), and how it always performed.

DISCLAIMER: Grimmspeed is a vendor on ClubWRX. There was ZERO mention of my affiliation with the site (e.g., me being a member, let alone a moderator), so their decision to warranty my issue was not "bought" in any way. This was done on purpose (I didn't want any influence to cloud their decision), and that simply goes to show that Grimmspeed is a "Made in the USA" company standing behind their product 110%.

My $.02: I don't feel there is any kind of a QA issue with the Grimmspeed part. I feel that the failure is 100% attributed to the extreme conditions (and use of halite) that I experience in my driving conditions; any part, regardless of manufacturer, exposed to that would eventually fail (not all would stand behind them like GS did for me). I will continue to recommend them without question, and wrote this with the intention of recognizing them for customer service and product backing well above the line of duty, as well as justifying my "GS or bust" stance I often take.

PSA (as a both a vendor and moderator on the site): Support the companies that truly support their consumers. Not only do they back their products beyond what should be expected, but their vendor dues help keep ClubWRX free for all members.

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Not as large scale as an up pipe, but coincidentally enough, I also had amazing service from Grimmspeed earlier today. When I went Stage 2 I ordered their J-Pipe hardware kit to replace the factory studs and bolts. When I went to install the studs, two of the new Grimmspeeds studs refused to thread in. Talked to their support asking if I could just return the two studs in exchange for two others. They just decided to ship a new kit free to charge and free shipping and told me to keep the defective studs.

I wanted to share my experience with Grimmspeed but I didn't think that suds warranted a whole post...

A company with outstanding service like that is gonna stick around a while. Completely replacing an out of warranty up-pipe is almost out of the question with most companies.

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I am as well a grimmspeed lover.

But I have used them PRIOR. They do stand behind their product, and they are great to work with.

DISCLAIMER: I have received free parts. But this has NOTHING to do with it.
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