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I have a Greddy SP2 (Street Performance) exhaust, fantastic condition, with less than 10,000 miles on it. Which also has the necessary sheath for the o2 sensor that alleviates it from throwing the cel. (700.ish new) 500ish by itself

I also have a Perrin, divorced waste-gate style, catless, one piece downpipe, also in great condition. (545.00 new) 350ish by itself

It is 3 inch the whole way and a 3 inch tip on the muffler
I want to sell them!

The tone on this system is sick, one of the best I've heard! No scratching or popping! Deep and rumbly, but not obtrusively loud at all. doesnt resonate while driving at a constant speed and isnt hard to hear, yet easy to talk with someone! by far one of the best sounding set-ups I have ever heard! There aren't any dents or dings, and these pics are from my iphone so not the greates Id like 800 for everything which is about a 450 dollar savings! But willing to negotiate! Email me at [email protected] or call/text me 205-531-0007 my name is Tom
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