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I want to give a hugely positive review of my recent experiences with The Subaru Shop in Tiverton RI.

I recently took our two new Subarus (2019 WRX and 2019 Crosstrek) there to have Crawford AOSs installed in both of them. I couldn't have been more impressed and happier with the experience.

The shop specializes in all things Subaru, and with a little dabbling in Porsches (since they also have boxer engines). The shop is huge, and has about a dozen cars in various stages of work inside, and another couple of dozen outside. They have their own dyno. All the work seems to be done by the two owners, Craig (who handles repairs and maintenance), and Jay (who does tuning).

The shop co-owner Craig is extremely knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and responsive. He's been doing this a long time, and struck me as clearly knowing what he is doing. They have built performance Subarus putting out 700+ hp, and routinely race them. He told me they built the fastest Subarus on the east coast, and from what I saw in the shop, it's completely believable!

The work I asked them to do (installing AOSs in two cars) was tiny in comparison to what they usually do. The shop seems very busy, and I wouldn't be surprised if they turn away a lot of work. Nonetheless, Craig was very accommodating and willing to spend his time on my small requests. He worked quickly and efficiently, paid fastidious attention to detail, clearly takes tremendous pride in his work and doing only a top-quality job, and charges very reasonable prices.

I will definitely be bringing both of our Subarus (plus maybe a BRZ I'd love to buy!) to them for any and all work they're willing to do.
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