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Have you considered swapping over your EJ20 Oil Pan to the STI Oil Pan but thought it may cost an arm & leg? We are now offering the Oil Pan Swap Kit so you can do it simply and cost effectively.

What are the benefits? The OEM EJ20 Oil Pan is flat and wide, which can result in oil at times sloshing around in the oil pan during hard cornering and acceleration. This occurring could lead to times where the oil pickup isn't getting a sufficient amount of oil to consume.

The STI Oil Pan is narrower in one particular location so it won't be able to do this as much and which occurring, the oil pan is in a much better position to consume the right amount of oil.

Some feel this is a good preventative measure so there won't be any type of bearing issues due to lack of oil consumption.

With the STI Oil Pan, it will look like this on your EJ20...

Product Page: Kronos's STI Oil Pan Swap Kit - $187.75 : Kronos Performance, Leading since 6th Century BC

The kit includes the following parts:

STI Oil Pan (11109AA131)
STI Oil Pickup (15049AA070)
STI Oil Baffle (10915AA010)
STI Dipstick (11140AA120)
STI Dipstick Guide (15144AA011)

Total Price: $187.75

Note: The parts are ordered per order placed and considered special order. Will take upwards of 5 days before items can be shipped to your location.
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