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Good setup? (Newbie)

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Hello everyone, Im fairly new to Subarus but Im purchasing an 04 wrx soon, and I was wondering what you guys think about my set up kinda? I was planning on first getting a COBB access-port, after that a short ram intake, followed by a cat back exhaust and then a by pass valve? Anything I should change or anything like that?
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Forget about the short ram and bypass valve.. not only will those provide no performance gain, they will make the car run worse without custom tuning. A catback won't provide any performance gain either, but it won't hurt anything.

If it were me, I would take the money you were planning on spending on the SRI and BPV, and buy a turboback exhaust instead.
Leave it stock

Get it caught up on service and make sure you have no serious Vac leaks

Factory airbox and bpv are more than adequate for any street car , hell I still run stock almost everything on my car at the track.

You will be better off maintaining the car and having a quality tune done by someone with lots of experience. I ran my 2003 Wrx on the stock turbo , TMIC and a turboback exhaust for three years.
Oh okay, thanks for the input guys! Does the access port add anything when theres no other after market parts on it?

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Oh okay, thanks for the input guys! Does the access port add anything when theres no other after market parts on it?

Definitely.. a stage one tune should be a decent improvement.

Like Gigs was saying, I would do all the scheduled maintenance first and foremost. You could easily sink $1,500 in just the factory scheduled maintenance. Seeing as how the car is 14 years old there are a lot of other maintenance things I would also do that aren't on the service schedule. Personally, I would go through and replace all the suspension bushings.. that'll run about $1,000. Struts and top hats will be around $800. All the shifter bushings and the linkage update will be ~$150. I would also do the rear diff bushings and bolts, $100. Exhaust hangers, maybe $20. Other things like brake pads, rotors, and rebuilding the calipers I would inspect and play by ear. Take a close look at the front control arms because they are known to rust.. hardlines for the brakes too. It's not uncommon for the turbo inlet to get turn up, so I'd set aside around $180 for that. I would inspect the boost control vacuum lines and fittings and replace if they are brittle/cracked/torn/etc. Inspect and clean up all the grounds in the engine bay too.

As you can see, there can be a lot of stuff that's a good idea to take care of before worrying about performance mods.
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Yeah I basically just did what Mainframe listed this spring and it was probably well over $2000
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