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Going with wider tires, good or bad?

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Right now I got stock 235/45/17 Dunlop SP Sport 01's with stock size wheel on my 2012 WRX Sedan. I talked to someone at Discount Tire and talked about going with a bigger tire and what I wanted he said would fit but the only problem is that I MAY have to roll the fender, that's no problem. I want to go 255/40/17 for that hashtag wide stance yo. But before I venture to that area, what are the pro's and con's to going with a bigger tire? And what are some good recommendations for tire brands? I just need some summer performance tires, nothing too high end but nothing garbage. Thanks in advance.
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Pros, huge contact patch. Cons, huge contact patch.

So, weight, traction on water, snow, sand, dust, dirt, gravel, and anything but pavement is going to suffer.

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Alright, I usually only drive on dry pavement and rarely in the rain unless i get rained on so thats not a deal breaker for me. Any good tire recommendations?
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