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Get a 08+ WRX/STI Pillar Pod for a Great Price from Kronos! Made per Order!


Kronos Performance is proud to provide great prices and service for our customers who are looking for a hassle-free purchase of their Performance parts. Our customers are always satisfied and some were nice enough to let myself and other people know about how satisfied they were. Customer Testimonials

Product Page - BNA Solutions 08+ WRX/STI Pillar Pods - Kronos Performance, Fueling the Car Lover Within

Turn Around Time - These will take 3-4 weeks on average to get built and shipped out to you, so please be patient! Each step takes a lot of time and there is a large waiting period between steps, due to the glue adhering, bondo laid, sanded a few days after, primer/paint dry times..... I'm sure you get the idea!

BNA Solutions - Brands : Your Subaru, Mitsubishi and Nissan Performance Parts Retailer <<<CLICK RIGHT HERE

52mm gauges are readily available but 60mm can be mounted for an additional $10 to any pod.

Single Pod - $110 Shipped

Double Pod - $120 Shipped

Triple Pod - $140 Shipped

All Prices INCLUDE shipping

If you would like to send me your factory pillar, I will subtract $15 from the price (Thats Subaru's price for an A-pillar believe it or not lol) Please PM me for the address to send the pillar to if you would like to go this route!

Thanks for your interest.. I really hope many of you will get to enjoy these pods as much as I have in my own car

Finished product Pics!!!!!!!!!

Color match comparison

Installed w/ gauges

Instructional Video : Hope this helps you safely install and un-install your pillars! Be careful, I can't stress to you enough how fragile they really are!

*Never twist or bend the pillar, it WILL crack!

*Make sure the push pin from your factory pillar is NOT still installed behind the pillar... Trying to push the pod pillar onto the stock push pin will result in a cracked pod!!!

2008 + WRX A-Pillar pod - Installation - YouTube

Sideair bag does not affect the a-pillar
1 - 20 of 79 Posts
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