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I've done so much research on here and on Nasioc on fitting wheels / tires for my 2013 hatch but ended up getting more confused. I basically want the flush look where the tires / wheels are sitting flush with each other, but not at the expense of stress on the car or at the expense of voiding the warranty. I don't have any plans on lowering the car from its stock height, and I don't want to roll / pull the front / rear fenders. Good or bad idea?

Here's what I was thinking - and someone let me know if it's a bad idea. Stock wheelies are 17". I was thinking go up to 18" for the look. Stock tires are 235/45R17, go up to 245/40R18 for more traction on the tires. And maybe an 18x8.5 wheel with a higher offset (44 or 45). Just want to make sure I'm being smart on a $1-3k purchase.
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